Scarning Endowed School Trust

Composition of the Trust

William Seckar, a local farmer who died in 1604 left his house and land to his wife but on her death the income from the estate was to be used for “the maintenance of one free school, to be kept for ever in the said house, while the world endure, in Scarning.” The endowment formed the basis of a registered charity with powers to provide special benefits at the school and to promote the education (including social and physical training) of persons under the age of 25 years who or whose parents are resident in the area of benefit or who have at any time attended as a pupil of the school. The area of benefit covers the parishes of Scarning and Wendling.

The Trust was established in 1987 and is made up of nine trustees who administer and make decisions on behalf of the trust. The Trust is regulated by its governing document and any relevant charitable or trust legislation.

The Trust has a charitable status and was established to pursue the charitable purpose of promoting education to benefit the School, its parents, current and former pupils and residents of the local area.

The Trust holds a number of assets and investments and the main duty of the Trustees is to ensure that the charity applies these assets in pursuance of its charitable purpose. This enables the Trust to make financial contributions to further its objects and the Trustees are pleased that is has been able to provide consistent financial support to the school to date.

The Trust works as an independent body from, but complimentary to, the School and its governing body.