School Security

These times currently vary due to the schools staggered start/finish times.

Bringing children into school

The school gate is unlocked every morning at 8.40 am, children are able to come straight into their classrooms from this time.  At 8.50 am the school gate is locked.

Picking children up at the end of the school day

The school gate is unlocked at 3.10 pm so that parents can meet their children as they are brought out of school. Teaching finishes at 3.15 pm which means that children should start appearing from 3. 20 pm onwards! Please leave the pathways clear at this busy time.

Working with the Front Office

The Front Office is open from 8.40 am until 3.30 pm. There you will be greeted by Mrs. Denton, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Cunningham or Mrs Leadley. There are times when the front office staff are called away from their desks and you will find the doors locked. Please wait patiently in the glass tunnel until they return to the desk to let you in.