School Council

School Council at Scarning Primary School.

What is our school council?

A school council is a group of children elected by the children to be representatives of each class. The representatives are usually children that have chosen themselves to be put forward for the role, who give a ‘pitch’ and then are voted in by the rest of the class.

At Scarning Primary school, we vote in two reps from each class. We think the role of the school council is an important one and that we are ‘the voice of the children’; to be link between the children and the staff (teachers, headteacher, governors, fundraisers and parents). We feel the school council is a group of children that meet up and think about how we can change our school and make it better. We hope that the children in school feel they can come and talk to us about issues that arise in school.

What sort of person makes a good School Councillor?

We feel School Councillors have to be: happy, friendly, kind, polite, respectful, helpful, welcoming, mature, thoughtful, pro-active, reliable, responsible and trustworthy. All School Councillors are expected to be good role models to others and set a positive example around school.

What do we do?

We meet every other week and discuss school issues. Sometimes we work on projects, or look at the suggestion box for things that people have thought important to be discussed. We help out at school events, we have spoken on occasions to the press and visited other schools councils to see how they run their school. We follow school council meetings with a short class council feedback session in which we talk about what has been discussed at school council and also ask for feedback and input that can be brought back to the next meeting.

How is our school council structured?

Each class has 2 representatives. We have 2 chairs, 2 vice-chairs and a secretary. The secretary is expected to ensure the minutes get shared and the chairs and vice-chairs lead the meetings, with teacher support.

Who are our class representatives?

Each class representative wears a badge on their uniform to identify them as School Councillors and their photo’s are displayed along with the minutes from the last meeting on the noticeboard outside of 3AC.