Music Lessons

Through Norfolk Music Services we are able to offer instrument tuition to enable pupils to make steady progress from the beginner stages to undergraduate level. Music lessons take place in our school – the teacher comes to us!

Music lessons are for children from Year 3.

The following are some examples of the lessons we can offer – it is not a full list so if you would like to learn to play an instrument not shown here please ask at the office:
Woodwind – flute, clarinet, saxaphone etc.
Stringed instruments.
Brass instruments – trombone, trumpet, tuba etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Guitar.

Instrument Hire
All pupils learning with the Norfolk Music Service are able to hire an instrument from them. The cost will vary depending on the cost of the instrument, but will be between £15 – £30 per term.

Cost Of Lessons
This will depend on how long your lesson is for and if you have a lesson on your own or shared with another pupil. If you share a lesson you share the cost, but you need to be learning the same instrument and be of about the same ability as the person/people you share with.

Paying For Your Lessons
Norfolk Music Services will invoice the school direct for all lessons and instrument hire. The School will invoice parents/carers at the start of each term. If you are interested in learning an instrument please ask the office for more details.