International School Award
The DCSF (Department for Childcare, Schools and Families) International School Award is an accreditation scheme for curriculum-based international work in schools.
The scheme provides recognition for teachers and their schools working to instill a global dimension into the learning experience of all children and young people.
  Healthy Schools Status
The School is pleased to have been awarded the Healthy Schools Status
To achieve the National Healthy School Status schools are required to meet a range of criteria in four themes. These are: Personal Social and Health Education, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Emotional Health and Well-being (including bullying).
These criteria relate not only to the taught curriculum but also to the emotional, physical and learning environment that the school provides.
     The Financial Management Standard in Schools (FMSiS) is a self-evaluation tool, required by the DCSF (department for children, schools and families), that demonstrates whether a school is managed well financially.  The Standard covers all aspects of financial management from leadership and governance through to the quality of school financial management processes. The award is valid for 3 years, we were awarded ours in March 2009.

  Schools Sports PartnershipThe School Sports Partnerships are a national initiative involving every school in England. There are eight partnerships accross Norfolk which work closely together to ensure an improved PE & Sport experience for everybody. We are part of the West Norwich & Dereham School Sports Partnership.


  Drama For Learning and Creativity – D4LC is an opportunity:

  • for schools, local authoirities, Advance Skills Drama teachers, Leading Drama Teachers, Theatre Educators & National Drama consutltants, to work in sustained partnership;
  • to improve the drama teaching of both specialist and nopn-specialist drama teachers;
  • to work practically in classrooms alongside local and national drama specialists with your own class;
  • to carry out action research into the impact of drama as pedagogy (with th eoption of M-Learnignaccreditation)
  • to network with other teachers of Drama in the UK and internationally.