School Text Messages

To keep you up to date, remind you of events happening and to advise you of important information quickly we use a company called Teachers 2 Parents to send out text messages.

The message is sent to the person named as the priority 1 contact in your child’s record. Please let us know if you need to change the priority 1 contact for your child and remember to keep your details up to date!

Some examples of when we may send a text are:

To remind you to sign up for parents evening
To advise you of a school closure, either at the start of the day, or if necessary during the day
To remind you of any trip money you have outstanding
To request a reason for absence if you child is not at school and no reason has been given
To remind you of fundraising meetings/events
To advise you of an estimated time for any trip returning after school picking up time

These are just a few examples of texts you may receive. Please note we will never use this service to contact you if your child is unwell or has an accident while at school. Very important information will be passed on to you by telephone.

Whilst the service has become invaluable to us, it does have a couple of limitations. You cannot reply to the texts and we can only text 1 person per child. If you receive a message that would be more beneficial to someone else in your family please pass the message on. We are also limited to the number of characters we can use in each text. If a message seems a bit to the point we have probably had to shorten what we would like to say to make it fit!