Mr N King – Headteacher, SMSC, Pupil Premium,  Continous Professional Development, Designated Safeguarding Lead. SLT, Curriculum .

Mrs S Hawes – Deputy Head. Responsibility for English, More able, Pupil Premium (including looked after children), English Assessment, NQT Mentor, Designated Safeguarding Lead. SLT.

Mrs K Sammacicci –  Reception teacher. EYFS Coordinator. EYFS & Phonics (KS1 & KS2) Assessment. SLT.

Mr S Howell  Year 6 Teacher. Curriculum responsibility for Maths and Maths assessment. SLT.

Mrs E Simpson –  Reception teacher, SENCO (TLR point). Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Mrs E Knowles – Year 5 Teacher, responsibility for RE and Collective Worship, Enrichment.

Mrs R Slade – Year 2 Teacher. Curriculum responsibility for Music and PSHE, PATHS, School Council, Choir.

Mrs G Bartlett – Reception Teacher. Curriculum responsibility for computing.

Miss C Everett – Year 1 teacher, curriculum responsibilities for PE and Sport. Education visits coordinator.

Mrs M Thomas – Year 1 teacher, curriculum responsibilites for Art. Forest Schools.

Mrs H Simmons – Year 5 teacher. Curriculum responsibility for Science.

Miss C Darvill – Year 3 teacher, Forest Schools. Curriculum responsibility for History.

Mrs C Johnson – Year 3 teacher ( 3 day teaching commitment). Curriculum responsibility for Modern Foreign Languages.

Mrs C Tharby-Brown – Year 3 teacher ( 2 day teaching commitment). Curriculum responsibility for Geography.

Mr T Huckle – Year 4 teacher. Curriculum responsibility for Design and Technology.

Mrs M Wright – Year 2  teacher NQT.

Mrs M Passam – Modern Foreign Language Teacher

Mr D Basson – SKITT Programme Trainee Teacher


Support Staff

Mrs M Hollingworth – Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Children’s University, Librarian.

Mrs S Arnold – Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

Mrs N Calvert – Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

Mrs P Way – Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

Mrs B Doyle – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Vogt – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs S Donnelly – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs D Burnham – Teaching Assistant/ First Aid

Ms M Brigstock – Teaching Assistant, Assistant Librarian.

Mrs M Foster – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs L Stephen – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs J Hunt – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs S Bales – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs M King – ELSA, SENCO Assistant, Time To Talk.

Mrs F Cook – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs S Smith – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs M Crichton – Teaching Assistant.

Mr J Casey – Teaching Assistant.

Ms H Hughes – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs C Skinner – Teaching Assistant.

Miss S Giles – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs L Matthews – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs Minter – Teaching Assistant and Games Club.

Mrs D Burnham – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs K Warden – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs C Denton – School Secretary.

Mrs L Benham – Finance Officer.

Mrs V Baker – Secretarial Assistant.

Miss C Ferguson – Receptionist.

Mrs A Cunningham – Receptionist.

Mr R Bartlett – Caretaker.

Mrs C Thompson Cleaner.

Mrs C Gooch – Cleaner.

Mr Green – Road Crossing Patrol.

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs S Barnard – Midday Supervisor.

Mrs D Bygrave – Midday Supervisor.

Mrs E Manners – Midday Supervisor.

Mrs  M Moore – Midday Supervisor.

Mrs S Pereira – Midday Supervisor.

Mrs J Tansley – Midday Supervisor.

Mrs C Thompson – Midday Supervisor.

Miss B Silva – Midday supervisor.

Mrs V Smith – Midday Supervisor.

Mrs K Warden – Midday Supervisor