At Scarning the Governing Body works as a team together with the Head and Staff of the school with the aim of improving standards and striving for excellence.

Many of our Governors are hands on and assist with school events such as fairs, fundraising events, parents evenings, outings and special events. The Governors also attend classes to monitor the impact of the teaching on our learners, assemblies, inset and training days and inspections.

Both current and prospective parents are welcome to contact Governors with questions, to raise issues or general feedback.

Parent Governors are generally on the playground before and after school and the Chair is available by calling the office to make an appointment.

Scarning VC Primary School



Governing Body / Board

The role of the governing board is a strategic one, its key functions are to:

  1. set the aims and objectives for the school
  2. set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  3. set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  4. monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives
  5. be a source of challenge and support to the headteacher (a critical friend)  Committees:
  6. Governor committees / responsibilities
  7. Note: The following information accords with decisions taken by the Governing Board and a new Instrument of Governance is awaited in early course from the local education authority to give effect to these arrangements.
  8. [Source – National Governors Association]


Finance & Personnel

Chris Price (Chair)

Julia Hardwick

Nick King

Alan Cross

Nathan Thompson

Caroline Denton (Associate Member)

Margaret Hollingworth (Substitute)

Michelle Passam (Substitute)










Premises, Health & Safety

Robert Salter (Chair)

Pam Vogt

Nick King

David Langley

Rachel Slade


Michelle Passam

Margaret Hollingworth

Nick King

Nathan Thompson


Pay Committee

Chris Price

Julia Hardwick

Robert Salter

Appeals Committee

Michelle Passam

Alan Cross


Special responsibilities:

Chris Price Numeracy
Michelle Passam Literacy
Margaret Hollingworth SEN
Nathan Thompson Computing
Pam Vogt Attendance
Julia Hardwick Child Protection
Michelle Passam Staff Wellbeing
Robert Salter Science
Alan Cross Early Years



Alan Cross Co-opted Governor Yes 27.01.18– 27.01.22 Nil Nil
Emma Dixon Co-opted Governor Yes 20.02.17 – 20.02.21 Nil Nil
Julia Hardwick Foundation Governor Yes 17.10.16 – 16.10.20 Supply teaching in other schools Nil
Margaret Hollingworth LA Governor Yes 29.01.16-28.01.20 Member of staff Nil
Nick King Head Teacher ex officio as Head Teacher Member of staff Nil
David Langley Co-opted Governor Yes 1.11.15 – 31.10.19 Nil Nil
Daniel Chapman Parent Governor Yes Nil Nil
Michelle Passam Co-opted Governor Yes 24.1.15 – 23.1.19 Member of staff Nil
Chris Price Co-opted Governor Yes 24.9.17 – 24.9.21 Nil Nil
Robert Salter Co-opted Governor Yes 9.12.14 – 8.12.18 Nil Nil
Rachel Slade Staff Governor Yes 4.9.15 – 3.9.19 Member of staff Nil
Nathan Thompson Parent Governor Yes 1.12.14 – 30.11.18 Nil Nil
Pam Vogt Co-opted Governor Yes 24.9.17 – 24.9.21 Member of staff Nil


NAME 15.12.17 6.2.18 24.04.18 17.07.18
Alan Cross Apologies Accepted Present Present Present
Emma Dixon Apologies Accepted Present Present Present
Julia Hardwick Present Present Apologies Accepted Present
Margaret Hollingworth Present Present Present Present
Nick King Present Present Present Present
David Langley Apologies Accepted Present Present Apologies Accepted

Andy Mobbs

Daniel Chapman

No Apologies Received



Apologies Accepted



Stepped Down





Michelle Passam Present Apologies Accepted Present Present
Chris Price Present Present Present Apologies Accepted
Robert Salter Present Present Apologies Accepted Present
Rachel Slade Present Present Present Present
Nathan Thompson Apologies Accepted Apologies Accepted Present Present
Pam Vogt Present Present Present Present