Attendance Information

1It will not come as a surprise to anyone to realise there is a clear link between poor attendance and lower academic achievement. The Dereham Cluster is working tirelessly to raise attendance at every phase of schooling.

As a school we have set a challenging, but achievable attendance target of 97%

During our inspection of June 2014, where we were judged ‘GOOD’ in all areas, the lead inspector commented

“Attendance is above average, reflecting pupils’ enjoyment of school and the school’s hard work to reduce absence”

At the next inspection the school intends to be judged ‘outstanding’ in all areas and will need attendance to reflect that improvement.

Some important figures:

School Attendance Level: 97%
Attendance Level Cluster Improvement Officer Looks At: 92%
Norfolk Persistent Absence Level : 90% – We have to take some action when attendance falls below this level. Attendance level that can involve legal action 85%                                                                                


School attendance figures are calculated from the registers taken each day. This is at 8.50am and  1 -1.30pm daily depending on your child’s year.. This means each day is counted as 2 attendance sessions. If your child arrives late, after the registering period has closed, this will alter their attendance percentage.

Having a good attendance at school is really important. We are committed to helping all pupils achieve good attendance, and have the following in place to reward good attendance:

At2tendance Teddy3

In the star of the week assembly every Friday the class with the best attendance for the previous week are announced and they get to look after the attendance teddy for the next week.


Half-Termly Rewards

Each half term (so about every 6 weeks) all pupils that have achieved 1400% attendance for that half term will receive a small reward. Previous rewards have been things like a 100% pencil, ruler or notepad. We issue these on a half termly basis to try and give as many pupils as possible the chance of receiving a reward.


Attendance Wall

5This is displayed outside 2W classroom. It shows the class with the best attendance for the last week and what out attendance level for the whole school was during the last week. The school council have added their thoughts on why good attendance is important, and the attendance half termly rewards are also displayed.




Attendance Figures are Included in our Newsletter

On each weeks newsletter is the attendance as a whole school for the previous week, and as separate classes. The class with the best attendance is at the top, the class with the lowest at the bottom. Classes over 97% will be shown in green, those below in red.

End of Term Attendance Information

At the end of each term you will receive your child’s attendance record. This will be using a traffic light system to highlight your child’s attendance.

97% and over-Green
90 – 96.9%-Amber
Below 90%-Red

This report also includes a list of codes that explains what the different marks your child may receive are.

Please take a moment to review your child’s attendance. You are very welcome to come and discuss any issues with us. Please be aware that very few absences are authorised, but where an absence is authorised it still shows as an absence. All absences are bad for a child’s education!

End of Year Certificates

At the end of each school year certificates are issued to all pupils that have achieved over 97%. Those that have 100% will receive a special 100% attendance certificate.







Absence Notification Forms

Please inform us if your child will not be at school for any reason using the absence form that can be found on our website or in the glass tunnel leading to the office.


Holidays in Term Time

Each September a letter is sent to all parents explaining that no holiday will be authorised by the headteacher, unless in exceptional circumstances, and explaining the process if pupils are taken out of school for a holiday. A copy of this letter is also on the back of the absence notification form. All of the Dereham Cluster of Schools (17 in total, including 2 high schools have agreed to this). Please inform us if your child will not be at school due to a holiday using the absence form. You will receive a letter advising you if the holiday has  been authorised or not. If the holiday is not authorised and is eligible for a fine you will receive a fine from Norfolk County Council. These can take a couple of months to process from the date of your holiday. A session is a morning or afternoon; a whole day is therefore 2 sessions, a week is 10 sessions. Please refer to the letter sent each September for the current information relating to when an absence will be fined.

If the holiday is dealt with by a fine then no further action will usually be taken by the school, unless your child’s overall attendance is very poor.


When Attendance Does Not Go So Well…..



Cluster School Attendance Support Officer

The schools in our cluster have employed Sian Brisco to help improve attendance. Her role is a supportive one and it is hoped she can help resolve attendance issues before they become more serious and could involve legal action. At least once a term Sian visits our school and pupils with an attendance level of less than 92% will be discussed. This is because Norfolk has set the persistent absence rate at 90% – by looking at 92% we hope to be able to work with families to quickly improve attendance.  Following Sian’s visit pupils with less than 92% attendance will either be asked to attend an attendance panel meeting at school, or receive a letter explaining that we are concerned about attendance. The aim of both of these actions is to improve attendance. If you do receive a letter we will review your child’s attendance the following term and write to you again – hopefully with an improved attendance. If we are unable to improve your child’s attendance you may be put forward for a Fast Track attendance panel which is a legal process which may involve the courts and or fines.

If you feel at any stage that Sian may be able to support you or your child please do not hesitate to contact her. You can do this through the school, or direct if you prefer.


Sian Brisco – Cluster Attendance Support Officer

 I am the Dereham Cluster Attendance Support Officer.

My role is to offer help and support to any family experiencing difficulties with school attendance. My responsibility is to offer my support where possible to ensure that your child is attending school. Everybody’s end goal is that all children are in school every day and on time and this means that your child will be happy and being encouraged to reach their full potential. Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions relating to school attendance.

Please contact me either by telephone on 01362 694229 option 3 or by e-mail


10What Happens During An Attendance Panel Meeting?

All attendance panels held at school will follow the same format.

  1. Parents/carers will be sent a letter inviting them to a meeting. You will get at least 7 – 10 days notice of the meeting. We strongly recommend that you attend this meetingthe meeting goes ahead regardless of whether you attend or not!
  2. Attendance meetings will usually have the cluster/local authority attendance officer, the head teacher, the school governor for attendance and the school secretary present.
  3. You will be given the opportunity to discuss why your child’s attendance is low.
  4. We will see if there any support we can offer to help to improve attendance.
  5. A list of agreed targets will be set.
  6. A review date will be set. Another attendance panel meeting will be held to see if the targets have been met and attendance improved.
  7. Depending on the outcome of the review meeting another review meeting may be called.
  8. A signed copy of the meeting and actions plans will be issued to all in attendance – if parents/carers do not attend a copy will be sent home.

Attendance Policy 2017 – 18

Fixed Penalty Notices – Information for Parents